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American Funeral Vehicles 1883/2003 An Illustrated History by Walter McCall

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The most complete, in-depth book on hearses and funeral cars ever! Beginning with horse drawn, highly ornate hearses up to today’s motorized vehicles, this book takes you through the complete history of 20th Century hearses. Follow the overall style development from the early carved-panel columned and draped designs, through the limousine-styled Funeral Coach and side-loaders, through the sleek designs that have led to today’s hearses.

Over 300 high quality photos combined with in-depth text present the most complete history and evolution of motorized hearses ever. A must have book for all automotive enthusiasts. Covers both large and small manufacturers including Henney, Eureka, A.J. Miller, Superior, Barnette, Economy, Memphian, and more. Also includes an index of all the important past and present hearse and conversion builders in North America."